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Preserving heritage, crafting harmony

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Step into the harmonious world of Shabdakalakshetra, “a temple for learning music”, where music transcends technicality to become a profound journey. Conceived by the esteemed Sri Chettoor Radhakrishnan and sculpted under the guiding hand of Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan, our institution is a fusion of tradition and innovation. More than a music school, we stand as a cultural nucleus, committed to the preservation and propagation of Classical Indian music. Grounded in the spiritual essence of music, especially Carnatic melodies, our ethos emphasizes cultural enrichment, personal growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Join us in sculpting musical futures where excellence and ethical values converge.

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Preserving heritage, crafting harmony

benefits & outcomes


benefits & outcomes

Teaching faculties

A symphony of excellence

At Shabdakalakshetra School of Music, we take immense pride in our exceptional teaching faculties, the heart and soul of our institution. Our dedicated educators are a harmonious blend of qualifications and experience, each committed to nurturing the musical talents of our students.

Our mainstream teaching faculties comprise accomplished musicians with a diverse array of qualifications, including:

  • Ph.D in Music

  • NET (National Eligibility Test) in Music from UGC

  • SET (State Eligibility Test) in Music

  • Recognition as graded artists by All India Radio (AIR)

  • B.Ed in Music

  • eGuru Music Mastery and Mentorship course from Shabdakalakshetra

  • Master’s degree /or Diploma / or 10 years of Discipleship under any Legendary Musician

To add a touch of grandeur to our institution and impart an unmatched depth of musical wisdom, we are honored to have retired professors of music as our guiding lights. Their legacy and lifetime of experience enrich the education we offer, ensuring that our students receive a truly exceptional musical education. As the backbone of our institution, our teaching faculties collectively create a harmonious symphony of excellence, guiding aspiring musicians on their transformative musical journeys.

We invite you to join us and experience the unparalleled dedication and expertise of our teaching faculties at Shabdakalakshetra School of Music, where the pursuit of musical mastery is nurtured and celebrated.

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Are you a dedicated music educator inspired by the transformative power of music? Join our vibrant music school and be a part of our passionate team. We are looking for talented teaching staff who share our enthusiasm for nurturing the next generation of musicians. Together, we can inspire, educate, and shape the future of music. If you’re ready to share your knowledge and passion for music, we invite you to be a part of our harmonious journey. Join us in creating a melodic and educational experience that enriches the lives of our students.

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