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Step into the enchanting realm of Shabdakalakshetra, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Palakkad, Kerala, India. Conceived by Shri. Chettoor Radhakrishnan, this institution boasts a rich tradition of 30 years in music education and underwent a transformation in 2019 under the guidance of his daughter Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan and took its current form.

Chettoor Radhakrishnan

Chettoor Radhakrishnan, recognized for his contributions in various fields, encompassing art, literature, cultural endeavors, and societal impacts. His life unfolds as a narrative rich in experiences, reflecting a deep connection to the cultural tapestry of Kerala. Chettoor Radhakrishnan, a musical maestro and passionate wholehearted backer for socio-cultural enrichment. Hailing from the vibrant town of Mankara in Palakkad, Kerala, he gracefully transitioned from his role as a Southern Railways station master to orchestrate a symphony of life dedicated to music. His influence reverberates not only in classical melodies and social endeavors but also in preserving folk songs and reviving fading art forms through tirelessly promoting them and through many extensive research. He was an important driving force behind the formation of Kāvēttam and Njāttuvēla. He penned the enlightening research masterpiece, “Nāttakappolima.” He was the esteemed president of the Palakkad chapter of the art and culture movement India. He steered the ship of creativity and innovation. He was also leading the charge for the prohibition forum. He held important positions in many art and cultural associations. Beyond gracing the audiences with soul-stirring Carnatic concerts, leaving an enduring musical legacy inside and outside Kerala Chettoor Radhakrishnan composed many enchanting tunes and lyrics for telefilms, serials etc.

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Driven by an unwavering commitment to the art, we firmly believe that music surpasses mere technical proficiency; it is a profound journey enriched with devotion, respect, and core values. Our approach places a strong emphasis on achieving musical mastery, fostering devotion, promoting cultural enrichment, and nurturing personal growth. At the heart of our philosophy lies the spiritual essence of music, with a particular focus on Carnatic music, where the interplay of notes and rhythms unites with the divine, creating a profound connection between musicians and his inner self. Choosing our value-based music education offers you a comprehensive understanding of music, nurturing devotion and humility, and actively contributing to the preservation of our rich cultural heritage. Embark on this musical odyssey with us and discover the harmonious blend of musical excellence and ethical values.

For those students aspiring to receive the highest quality music education, Shabdakalakshetra stands out as the premier choice. If you believe you deserve the perfect place for your musical learning journey, then Shabdakalakshetra is the ideal destination for you.

Our institution is a cultural center for Classical Indian music with endless possibilities. We are committed to offering a comprehensive platform for Learning, Teaching, Researching, Creating and Promoting the art of Classical Indian music. Our mission is to preserve and propagate the timeless traditions of this enchanting musical genre. With a rich curriculum, expert instructors, and a thriving community of music enthusiasts, we are dedicated to nurturing talent and kindling the passion for Classical Indian music. Join us on this inspiring journey to explore the depths of this ancient art form, at our digital cultural center.

Founder and Director – Shabdakalakshetra

Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan

Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan, the Founder and Director of Shabdakalakshetra School of Music, hails from Palakkad, Kerala, and carries a profound musical legacy. Her father, late Sri Chettoor Radhakrishnan, a renowned musician, ignited her passion for music, forming the bedrock of her devotion to this art.

Distinguished by her academic pursuits, Dr. Shyla holds a Ph.D. in Music from Madurai Kamaraj University, with a focus on “Spiritual Empowerment Through Music.” She has also achieved the National Eligibility Test for Lectureship (NET) with Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) from the University Grants Commission New Delhi, showcasing her dedication to music’s scholarly dimensions. Her musical brilliance has graced prestigious stages, including the celebrated Chembai Festival at Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai, where she was honored by Padma Vibhushan Dr. K.J. Yesudas. Beyond her vocal skills, Dr. Shyla is a composer and lyricist, contributing to numerous music albums.

Her exceptional dedication to music has earned her national recognition, notably the National Level Clef Music Award in the “Best Regional Devotional Song/Album” category for “Navadurga Ragamala Sthuthi” in 2023. As a beacon in the world of music education, Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan’s amalgamation of tradition and innovation paves the path for the future of music, preserving and enriching this timeless art form.

Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan’s role as an academician and administrator in the field of music education is a testament to her commitment to merging traditional wisdom with contemporary scholarship. Drawing upon the rich musical legacy inherited from her father, Sri Chettoor Radhakrishnan, and fortified by her academic pursuits, Shyla has seamlessly integrated the invaluable teachings of her upbringing with the insights gained through her Ph.D. research on “Spiritual Empowerment Through Music.” This unique combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge positions her as a visionary in the academic realm of music.

As the Founder and Director of Shabdakalakshetra School of Music, Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan seamlessly merges her father’s musical heritage with academic expertise. Her role as an academician and administrator reflects a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary scholarship. Through effective system management, she ensures the institution thrives as a hub for music education, striking a harmonious balance between preserving tradition and embracing innovative methodologies. Dr. Shyla Radhakrishnan’s visionary leadership propels Shabdakalakshetra into the future, fostering an environment that nurtures aspiring musicians while enriching the timeless art of classical music.

Ph.D. in Music

Embark on a profound musical expedition led by our esteemed founder and academician, a distinguished scholar holding a Ph.D. in Music. Explore the intricate realms of music/ sound with a distinctive emphasis on the transformative topic of “Spiritual empowerment through music”.

NET Qualified Academician

Step into a world of musical excellence under the visionary guidance of our institution’s founder and academic supervisor—a NET qualified professional. The National Eligibility Test (NET) for lecturership from the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, India.

Versatile Virtuoso

Embark on a transformative musical journey led by our visionary founder, academician, and versatile virtuoso. Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of performance, composition, and lyrical expression, guided by a forward-thinking educator who excels not only as a concert performer but also shines as a prolific composer.

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